Insights into Canada’s nuclear sector

A greater goal for English River: Engaging Indigenous talent through relationships

When it comes to recruitment, training and development, Kris Reynolds believes it all starts with strong relationships. By being an active member of her home community, Kris, as an HR advisor, can have open and honest conversations with employees and prospective employees. And it’s English River First Nation that inspires her to try to recreate a sense of community within Des Nedhe Group – where people feel like they belong.

  • Kris Reynolds

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Knowledge sharing at the core of progressive nation to industry relationships

The importance of information in any consultation between Indigenous communities and industry or government cannot be overstated. Both parties must be privy to assessments, statements and documents, and they must be presented in a way that is clear and transparent for all involved. Cheyenna Campbell fills this information gap with every project she works on, so that industry players are developing their resources in the most respectful and ethical way. And as an English River First Nation band member and a lawyer, the work she’s doing is giving back to the community that gave her so much.

  • Cheyenna Campbell

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Elders Series: Perspectives and experiences navigating the uranium and nuclear sectors

Uranium doesn’t have a direct translation in Dene. At first it was called the “big shell” or the “big bomb” because that was the only thing it had been described as. Elder Isidore Campbell believes his family has an intrinsic connection. Over the years he was called to find out more and today he is confident some of the community’s biggest goals for environmental and economic prosperity can be realized through robust participation in the nuclear space.

  • Isidore Campbell

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Making the pieces fit with JNE Welding

Looking back, Adam Logue sees his career with JNE Welding much like his chosen profession as a welder/fabricator. “You’re always trying to figure out how the pieces fit together – what you need to do today in order to plan for success tomorrow.”

  • Adam Logue

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