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Focused on nuclear energy

The nuclear energy industry is one of Canada’s most important. It provides a leading technology to address climate change and, with its immense supply chain, contributes millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Canada’s economy. For more than three decades, the Des Nedhe Group of companies has been a part of it. 

We established the Des Nedhe Institute to bring together experts from our group of companies, communities and partners, as well as thought leaders from across the industry to share knowledge and insights to support growth and innovation in Canada’s nuclear sector.

The critical nature of engagement

Engagement is foundational to the future of Canada’s nuclear energy industry, and is a key focus of the Des Nedhe Institute. 

Engagement is about more than understanding sentiment and communicating your messages. It is about listening and building an understanding of needs and concerns, developing respect and trust, identifying opportunities for partnership and participation, and finding ways forward that work for all stakeholders. 

It touches every aspect of a venture, from supply chain and construction to social licence and desired outcomes. One of the things we have learned over the past 30 years is that no matter what kind of business you are in, engagement matters.

Diverse perspectives

Keepers of the land, while creating opportunity for its people is of critical importance to the nuclear industry.

Indigenous roots, diverse perspectives

As the economic development corporation for English River First Nation, the Des Nedhe Group is a real-life example of the benefits of Indigenous participation and partnership. We have built sustainable companies that benefited our communities and contributed to innovation and diversity that strengthen the nuclear industry.

With traditional territory in northern Saskatchewan – home to the largest, highest-grade uranium mines and mills in the world – English River First Nation has developed a reputation as a progressive nation that respects its cultural tradition as keeper of the land while also creating opportunities for its people.

We believe Indigenous participation and partnership is of critical importance to the nuclear industry, Indigenous communities, and Reconciliation.